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The existing property is a single storey detached 1960’s built bungalow with a generous front driveway and a reasonable sized garden which addresses the Hogsmith river and surrounding nature reserve. 

The design seeks to attain appropriate levels of natural lighting with large glazed openings allowing natural light into the internal living spaces throughout the day. The composition of the rear facade incorporating a large amount of thoughtfully place glazing at both low and high levels allows the spaces to offer panoramic views of the beautiful natural landscape which the rear facade addresses.

The internal levels are co-ordinated by the varying fall of the ground between the front of the property and the rear boundary (approx 2m fall). To work with the natural ground level of the site and the sequences of spatial programmes, the internal levels are split to produce a connection which captures the varying external ground level and the internal occupation of the client in a harmonious manner. 

Maisuria Architects

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