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The relationship of the existing detached house in relation to its garden is somewhat very unusual. The garden/plot extends to the side of the house without any visual or physical link, disconnecting it from the house and therefore any enjoyable aspects of house and garden relationship found in normal residential circumstances is lost. The proposal is to connect the garden to the house by means of living spaces and physical elements that connect and addresses the garden. Rich internal spaces are created within a route with visual links of the nature outside. 

Organizing elements of the plan is series of new living spaces, (internal and external), which are only separated between them by level differences and strategically positioned purposely designed built in furniture, internal elements and framed structure. Daylight and sunlight is allowed to penetrate the spaces strategically and sequentially to animate the spaces with light and shadow throughout the day in relation to the natural movement of the sun.

Commission Client: Private

Floor area: 130 Sqm

Status: RIBA Stage 7

Structural engineer: Chess structural consultants

Maisuria Architects

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