Palmera Garage Square


Palmera Garage Square

The design proposes two residential blocks on the old garage site, with each block offering 2 one bed units and 2 two bed units. Delivering the clients requirements over two blocks allows for a variety of external spaces between the built forms, increased comfort & daylight and better aspect for each residential unit. 

Private outdoor space is provided adjacent to buildings to encourage use and a sense of ownership. The proposed arrangement opens-up to a larger shared garden space which connects the existing and proposed buildings to create a unified sense of community and place. Simple landscaping interventions such as a small trees and shrubs, a few benches and low level lightning can create a pleasant environment which encourages opportunities for community congregation, participation & greater social interaction between residents. 

To fit appropriately with the local vernacular the new blocks have been designed to reduce their appearance in scale by breaking the composition into smaller elements: low level roofs, split masonry facades and a light timber frame box insertion at the upper level.


Maisuria Architects

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