Maisuria Architects are an award winning, design focused architectural practice, committed to an innovative approach to progressive architectural design that is equally practical, sustainable, contextual and lifestyle enhancing. Inherent to our design philosophy our aim is to add value and provide our clients with outstanding building solutions based on our collective extensive experience in Architecture gained over 25 years


Practice Ethos

Our design philosophy is based upon people’s relationship with space, how they experience space and how place affects their being. Our enthusiasm for creating, developing, making and designing evolves from our belief that creativity improves lives. By adopting open, engaging and collaborative discussions with our clients which involve them from the initial design ideas right up to the final detailing, we are able to create thought provoking, enjoyable and functional spaces which exceed expectations.

We seek to constantly question and evaluate the way in which we live today. By being self-critical and challenging social conformities in a constructive and regenerative manner we are able to explore innovative ways to enrich our lives through architecture. We believe that good architecture should encompass a multitude of factors, emphasising on innovation of typology, form as the sculptural aesthetic, the inventive use of traditional and new materials, using current technologies, the qualities of light and acknowledging the relationship between the building and its surroundings, all play an important part to the synopsis and solutions of our projects.

Each project regardless of its size, complexity, creative restrictions and economic framework has our complete commitment and desire for its success away from today’s restrictive commercial pressures of time and finance spent.

We do not restrict ourselves with particular building types or styles. We engage a broad range of projects in our studio from master planning to furniture design, allowing us to enjoy the challenges of scale, context, environment and economics.

Maisuria Architects

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